CoinDesk's Most Influential 2018

You voted. Our writers debated. Meet CoinDesk’s Top 10 2018 Crypto Influencers.

This year, we’re celebrating the biggest people in blockchain with a special edition CoinDesk Crypto Collectable Store, where the biggest names are available for purchase (and in-game play) on the blockchain, right alongside our feature articles and videos.

You can own the original digital trading cards designed for this series by bidding for them on OpenSea, an open marketplace for NFTs.

Special thanks to our partners and contributors, who designed amazing artwork and guided us through the technical execution of this series.

Dapper Labs – The makers of the viral blockchain game CryptoKitties

Chibi Fighters – A brutally fun and addicting blockchain game.

MixMarvel – The makers of HyperDragons.

PlasmaBears - A collectible crafting game from the makers of Neon District. - Helping game developers build blockchain-based game ecosystems.